Elastic Cloud Server platform maintenance

Title Elastic Cloud Server platform maintenance


As per our continuous improvements of the Elastic Server Platform. We are now informing you that we are performing maintenance on the platform that will affect your server to the extent that you will notice a reboot of your server. This is a necessary step so your virtual server can adapt to the changes on the underlying hardware platform.

To verify which hardware node your virtual machine resides on, you will need to login to https://ecs.ipeer.se/ and review the details of your virtual machine. When you are on the main page of the virtual machine in question you will be able to see the row named "Compute Resource" which hardware node your server resides on. Compare that with the schedule mentioned below.

Schedule for the hardware node reboots:

22:00-23:00 - hv-01 to hv-03
23:00-00:00 - hv-04 to hv-06
00:00-01:00 - hv-07 to hv-10
01:00-02-00 - hv-11 to hv-13
02:00-03:00 - hv-13 to hv-16
03:00-04:00 - hv-17 to hv-20
04:00-05:00 - hv-21 to hv-23
05:00-06:00 - hv-24 to hv-26
06:00-07:00 - hv-27 to hv-30

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Affected Time Start 2018-05-21 22:00
Affected Time End 2018-05-22 07:00
Affected Services Elastic Cloud Server


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